Lameducks & Chocolate Oatmeal?

From all the way out in Tokyo Japan the eclectic collective, Lameducks, tear their way into the underground with their latest EP Chocolate Oatmeal. Unlike the growing trend of every other trill, trippy, hipster cult group out to date, rappers Champloo, Breeze, and Ballou bring a different feel to their records that make you wonder what else goes on in their zone they call “The Duckpond”.  Maybe it was the pop culture 16-bit driven samples in their Sushi Roll mixtape, or even the comic yet blunt lyrics that promotes their “lame” persona. Majority of the production was done by Champloo and Ballou who in my opinion almost makes the beats a phantom member of the group the way the samples help illustrate the message of each record. True the sonic clarity of these projects could be improved to suit the preference of the average listener, aside from that the artistic content is definitely worth the listen.

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