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Few artists have the right combination of skills, talent, and drive to make it in the music industry. Miami resident Alonzo “Jizockk” Brown not only has a unique work ethic that is hard to come by in any field, but a drive that will ensure his success.

Jizockk was born June 24, 1991 in Minot, ND. Showing an early interest in music, Jizockk played the trumpet in his elementary school band in Washington, D.C. at the age of 10, and soon after, piano in a youth jazz band. It was around this time that some of his friends began rapping, influencing him to take an interest in the craft and start writing lyrics. He and his friends went to the “Making The Band” auditions at Howard University, and though they were too young to actually audition, they got a chance to rap for Harve Pierre, the President of Bad Boy Records. They were put in touch with a local producer, got an interview with Michelle Wright on WPGC 95.5, and met Jay Cooper from BET’s Teen Summit. The group got a few auditions and performances here and there, while continuing to rap in local freestyle battles and talent shows in the D.C. area. Though he was a little young to understand the full weight of what he was experiencing, it was at this point that Jizockk began to take the pursuit of his hip hop career seriously.

Numerous moves shortly after made it difficult for Jizockk to fully pursue his music career, but living in several states including South Carolina, Washington DC, Maryland, Arizona, Texas, Kansas, and now Florida has proven to be a positive for the artist. Now a more well-rounded MC, Jizockk can relate to the people and musical styles from so many areas that his work is appealing to fans across the board. Jizockk picked up his music again full-force during his junior year of high school. In addition, he started recording on a daily basis and began to hone his editing and recording techniques—skills few rappers have mastered themselves. After high school, Jizockk felt as though his only options were to take his chances with a music career, or end up stuck in a dead end job. Running with all the positive feedback he had gotten over the years, Jizockk has been living in Miami for over a year, honing his skills and pursuing a promising career in the music industry.

Never one to limit himself, Jizockk has not only been writing, rapping, recording, and shooting his own videos in Miami, but he is a full-time audio production student at Miami International University of Art and Design, has been engineering for local Miami artists, and has expanded his repertoire to include video production for companies like Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes and He is also a regular opinion columnist in Coast 2 Coast Magazine, and has interviewed popular artists Malice (of the Clipse), Big Sean, Ace Hood, Miguel and many other independent artists for the magazine and company.

When asked to describe his musical style, Jizockk comments, “It’s difficult for me to describe my style both in music and physically because I’d like to think that it’s diverse. Overall, I would say it’s more artsy/underground, yet still conscious/professional.”

Currently, he is working on a new project to be released by the end of 2012, entitled “Gallery.” His past work as an artist includes “The Weapons,” a collaborative project released in 2009 with his group Words are Weapons; and “The Rough Sketch” solo mixtape, which he released in 2010.

With a background as diverse as he boasts and a seemingly never-ending grind, it is clear that Jizockk will achieve his goals in the music industry, whether as an audio engineer or hip hop artist.


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